Soul Blaze

Soul Blaze (#2)

soul blaze cover final

After a year at the Academy, Rose is sent back to Ar Cena – minus her memory of the past year. As she tries to fit back in to her human life with relative success, her magic returns.

An unsuccessful kidnap attempt by rogue mages of the North sends her back to Lotheria, where she is taken prisoner by the Academy Masters. Confused and manipulated, she bargains a way home with the Masters by guaranteeing the only thing they want from her; the death of Phoenix.

But the Masters are yet to realise what they’ve truly unleashed…

As Sky’s destiny returns to haunt her once again, she realises she can’t ignore who she is any longer.



Posted in Soul Trilogy
6 comments on “Soul Blaze
  1. Leslie Routen says:

    I found Soul Fire to be one of the best reads I have had in a long long time.

  2. chali says:

    Soul fire is absolutely amazing.I wasnt prepared for the thrill this book gave me.

  3. Bola says:

    let’s just say, i refuse to sleep until it’s done. this book actually light a fire in my soul

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