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You can email me at, or you can get in touch with me on my Facebook page, Aprille Legacy.

I’ll also respond to comments here.

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4 comments on “Contact Me
  1. Asher Cordy says:

    Will your books be available at the bookstore ‘South Seas Books at Port Elliot? My daughter purchased your Trilogy 1 & 2, at Books and more, Victor Harbor and is wanting Soul Inferno. The two books you have signed so she feels so fortunate of this also.

    • First of all, thanks for contacting me 🙂 I’d love to have my books in that store, I didn’t know that Port Elliot had a bookstore, so that’s great news! I’ll get in touch with them ASAP and then let you know.

      There will also be a book launch for Soul Inferno in Victor Harbor some time in the coming weeks. Paperbacks will be available for sale there and I would be more than happy to sign your daughter’s copy 🙂 I can let you know the date/place when it’s been finalised, if you like?

  2. Cindy Turley says:

    Read the first book soul fire and it said log on here to get the second book free but I see no area got this. Where is this located

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