Lotherian Novellas

I have recently announced three new novellas set in the Lotherian universe.

A Veil of Stars – October 1st 2016

As war begins to ravage the fair continent of Lotheria, spymaster Theresa is trailing the usurper King as he crosses the globe.

Her travels take her to Gannameade; the hot, dangerous continent of spice and blood. In the capital city of Syran, foreigners are murdered in the streets and corruption infects the upper ranks. As a deadly sickness works its way toward the capital, Theresa is desperate to find out why the King has travelled to such a perilous nation.

But her thoughts are far from Lotheria when she saves the life of the young Queen and the heir to the throne, Prince Fayyaad. When Theresa is taken to the palace as a reward, she can’t possibly know what is to follow.

Amidst a crescendo of death and violence, she comes to realise one thing.

Love can bloom in even the most poisonous of places.


The Golden Empress – TBA

In a small island village, a girl awakes with the soul of the ocean.

Bestowed with a mysterious power that makes her fellow villagers suspicious, Ilsa is sacrificed to marauding pirates when they attack. Instead of killing her, the pirate captain is fascinated by her lavendar eyes and colourful language. Adopting her into his crew, he unknowingly seals his own fate as she begins to manipulate the others, and his ship becomes the first in her fleet.

Sailing the Isles, a rival pirate captain emerges. But their fates may be tangled together in ways they never could have foreseen…

Threads of Ember – TBA

Though it’s been twenty years since the Lightning War, echoes of discord still resonate through every country, and as such, Sky and Griffin have made the choice to keep their past hidden from the world… and their daughter.

But as a deal from Sky’s past catches up to them, Ember will be forced to realise the truth behind her parents, and the role they played in the changing of history.



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